Nadira's Bio

Nadira has become one of the most passionate, elegant and dynamic Middle Eastern performers in the U.S. Having graced many audiences throughout the U.S., Canada, Turkey, Egypt and abroad, her dance is graceful, seamless and multi-faceted.

As testament to her expanding dance repertoire, she has laid claim to multiple national titles, and most recently, Saqra's International Ambassador of Belly Dance (IABDC) 2014/2015 Instructor of the Year:

- Instructor of the Year
- Belly Dancer USA
- Belly Dancer of the Year
- Sisterhood of the Dance
- Double Crown Belly Dance Performing Artist
- Emerald Rain Champion
- Entertainer of the Year

Nadira is featured in IAMED’s “Bellydance-O-Rama 2” DVD and Peko's "The Magical Art of Bellydance", both filmed in Hollywood. She is also featured in the performance DVDs "By Dancers for Dancers, Volumes II & IV" and the instructional "Combination Nation, Vol 3". Nadira has also shared the stage with the Bellydance Superstars.

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Nadira has been a featured performer on Persian television, toured Turkey, performing and teaching in Istanbul and Antalya as well as Egypt and more recently China.

Some of her favorite performance venues will always be those close to home, such as 2001-current Arab Festivals, Folk Life and Bumbershoot festivals – some of the largest festivals in Seattle, WA.

Nadira has also given her time and talent to functions for the arts including the Visual Arts Gala for Bumbershoot, Fifteenth Annual Fundraiser and Auction for Fashion Group International and Poncho Gala Auction; hailed as the largest auction for the arts in the world.

She has also performed for members of the world renowned Pacific Northwest Ballet, based in Seattle and the 21st annual "Seattle Celebrity Waiters Luncheon" for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Nadira began her journey as a performer at the early age of six. She has studied many forms of dance from classical ballet to hip hop to jazz. In late 1998, she was introduced to Middle Eastern dance after a car accident she thought ended her dance career. Utilizing this new medium of dance as a form of physical therapy, Nadira quickly embraced this style. She incorporated her broad dance and musical background with new technical moves, and her unique style emerged.

One can see how much she truly respects, enjoys and understands Middle Eastern music in her dance. Her ability to capture the crowd with her skilled grace and playfulness has earned her the respect of the local Persian and Arabic communities.

She has the ability to intrigue the audience, yet keeps them at ease with her playfulness. Nadira is an outstanding entertainer, a sought after performer and instructor.

"Nadira is a talented and musical performer who is dedicated to this art form. She continues to strive for excellence, does it with such grace and elegance"
Jillina - Mid-East dance Artist/Choreographer/Artistic Director for Bellydance Superstars

"Nadira is the consummate performer....with that blend of elegance, pizzazz, and technique - always breath taking"
Zaina Hart - Double Crown Productions/ on-line magazine

"Nadira is not only highly skilled but has a soothing and graceful presence when she dances. Her physical beauty draws you in and you become aware that it equals that of her internal love for Middle Eastern Dance"
Dondi Dahlin - Middle Eastern dancer, instructor, member of Bellydance Superstars

“Nadira is the most beautifully graceful dancer I have ever seen! Her stage presence is enough to take your breath away! Her unique ability to combine technique and style, on top of layering isolations is absolutely amazing. She is unforgettably timeless in this dance community!”
Rachel George –Oregon and San Diego performer and instructor

"Lithe, willowy, athletic, skilled isolations, spontaneous, sensuous, the unexpected but perfect movement, beautiful fluid hands, humor, down to earth, accessible (as an instructor and the mood and persona of her dancing)."