Lovely Layering Techniques
ALL dance levels will LOVE this sizzling workshop! Play with adding up to 5 Luscious Layers to your Delightful Dance!

Abs and Obliques - your new best friends
Not simply a strengthening tool, learn to pull from your core to execute movement that not only protects your body but also helps you work smarter, getting the most out of your movement.

FEET! The Cornerstone
Learn from Nadira's decades of experience in dance on optimal foot placement, angling and travel technique. Spins, poses, slow and fast are all affected first by feet placement. Once the dancer solidifies the feet, the rest falls into place!

Drills, Drills, Drills
The best way to make or break a habit is repetition. The same can be said for drilling. The best way to get muscle memory is to drill until the movement becomes second nature. Want to get that shimmy flowing or isolations crisp?...Nadira will get you there!

Un-VEIL the Magic
Learn why the Northwest is so well known for their innovative veil technique. Nadira will teach turns, poses and transitions that can be used to spice up your veil dances.



8 Count Combos
Learn modern Egyptian combinations for all levels of dancer. Nadira will break down some of her most popular combinations adding levels of difficulty from beginning to advanced for each combo.

Spectacular Drum Solo
Come learn a cracklingly hot drum solo designed to challenge any dancer and have a great time. Be ready to work!

Slow and Sensuous Combinations
Learn fabulous combinations designed to flow and seamlessly connect with the music. Not solely movement or turns, Nadira will show you how to pull from your inner self and create an extension of the self to the music.

Hip-Hop/Fusion Choreography
Nadira pulls from her background of hip hop, jazz and bellydance to create a fusion of pop, locks and shimmies in a hot choreography.



Interpret & Match emotion
Learn how to interpret and match your dance with the music and intended emotion. We will work on both entrance pieces and tuxems.

On the Road to Professional
From what to pack in your dance bag to dancing on the professional circuit, learn how to make the transition into the professional realm. Interested in competing? Learn from a multi award winning performer on everything from music and costume choice to training and insight from judging expectations.